BLOG UPDATE - 7/2/08:

Today, my sisters and I had one of the most amazing experiences!! We were asked to be on Maxim's Covino and Rich show on Sirius Satellite Radio 108. Check us out


Let me just say that Rich and Covino are not only hysterical on the radio, but even funnier in person! To top that off, they aren't difficult to look at!


Christian ("Spot"), the producer, greeted us in the lobby at 4:30 (we were nice and early!) where he then escorted us up to the studio. Covino and Rich were already on the air, so we sat on a cozy little couch for a few minutes while we were entertained by their amazing personalities!


Then, it was our turn to take the mic! It was SO much fun!!!

We are so honored to have been a part of their show and hope, scratch that, pray to be on again (and again, and again....) in the future!!!


Please do yourselves a favor and check them out!!!! and tune in: Weekdays Maxim 108

Weekdays Maxim 108
LIVE - 3pm - 7pm ET
Maxim Replays @ 6am


Until next time...xoxo!!!!



BLOG UPDATE - 6/19/08:

Hi All... It is late, but I couldn't help but pay my respects...Tomorrow I am going to the waking services in remembrance of a former co-worker, Eric Tutera. He accepted a position with J.P. Morgan Chase in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, he passed away last week while out there, as a result of a boating accident during the Dragon Boat event. I will use this opportunity to remind you how precious life is. Please try (I know it's so easy to lose sight of this, including myself) to treat each day as the gift that it is. Don't put off until tomorrow that which can be done today...God Bless. As always, all my best.



BLOG UPDATE - 6/15/08:

It's Father's Day - so, Happy Day of Father's to all you dad's out there!! The funny thing about my blog today is it's not about my Dad (whom I love and adore and could/will write volumes about), it happens to be about my sisters: Lauren and Kristen. Why? Well, even though I have only started the "cutting" process for my first show of the year about two weeks ago, I have been feeling somewhat melancholy. I'm sure that my sisters noticed that I have been a bit distant lately - so, I come home from my Auntie G's house (where my family was celebrating the day of the dads) and I find a card in my bag...from my sister, Lauren! It could not have come at a more perfect made me cry and the same time! (now that's talent!) Just to quote a few lines from the card "Sometimes two sisters 'click' in a way that goes beyond just being related. They become each other's support system, ally, and other words, they become the best kind of friends. That's how I see us. You're someone I wouldn't hesitate to come to with the worst kind of problem, knowing that I wouldn't be judged, knowing that you'd just roll up your sleeves and try to help me solve it. Do you know how much that means in today's world? It means everything to me. Believe me, I have no idea how I got so lucky to get a sister like you. I only know that I'm glad I did." [Linda Lee Elrod] (ok, so that was the whole card, but I just didn't want to leave anything out). Now, this is what sisters are for! They are my strength through the worst of times, and I could not imagine my life without them. So, to Laur and Kris (clearly no introduction needed sista's) I thank and are my greatest support system...and I love you more and more each day. XOXOXO's... Now enough of this sappy crap Sista's...let's make it happen '08!!!!!!!!!!!



BLOG UPDATE - 6/8/08:

Hi all...I wanted to fill you all in about what's been going on in Alli's world...I plan on updating you as frequently as I can going forward. Whether it be to tell you about a recent or upcoming event that I attended/will be attending with GNC, or my competition prep, or Alli's Gourmet tips, or perhaps it would be a funny experience that I shared with my sisters, or just about life in general...hey, maybe I just want to say "hi!", whatever the case may'll find it tuned. As always, much love;)

It's 9:52 on Saturday as I write to you today from 10k feet in the air...the stewardess just told us to put our seatbelts back on because there is some pretty decent turbulence. Therefore, I just turned up my ipod...Leona Lewis is basically screaming in my ears at the moment, but it's a nice distraction when the plane is bouncing all over the 10k feet above the ground!!! Where am I coming from? I'm on my way back to NY from the beautiful Atlanta, Ga. I flew in to Atlanta on Thursday evening after work (thanks to my amazing boss, Jim, for taking time during month-end close to drive me to the airport...ok, so it's a 5 minute drive, but he still gets credit, right? Eh hem...right?) I had the pleasure of working yet another successful event with the GNC team. This was a Rite Aid expo in which I worked alongside the one and only Greg Johnston from Corporate (who makes it all happen), GNC athlete Tina Durkin, recent IFBB Fitness Pro (a huge and immensely deserved Congratulations to Tina!!!!!!!!!), and WNBF Bodybuilding Pro Chad Gregory. Both of these athletes overcame hardships this year - a true testament to their professional status' - Tina qualified and competed at the Arnold Classic this year (first time as a pro!!) despite an injury that she was fighting through. While she thought it was an overly tight pyriformis, Tina discovered after the competition that she had to have back surgery! This did not stop her - after spending the weekend with her, my respect has grown even deeper for her, as her drive and motivation to get back into her training seeped through her out for this one!!! Chad, on the other hand, was forced to take some time off this year due to stomach pains which brought him to the hospital in the middle of the night...his appendix had burst!! That man can handle some pain, as the doctor was astounded by the amount of time it took for him to go to the hem...what? I wish both of them much success and health this year as they bring it back with a vengeance!! While at the expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Blanks with his Tae-Bo expertise, Johnny Jackson was also in attendance, as was Allison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser which also brought Roger, the contestant from The Biggest Loser...what a nice guy!!!! Keep it up, Roger - you look awesome!!!
He came strolling by as I was wolfing down one of my meals...I think I might actually have been choking on a string bean...but I recovered in time to chat with Rog for a bit...yes, Rog and I are tight now thanks to Greg taking control (as usual) and reeling him in with his talented ways. While on the subject of Greg, a HUGE thanks to him for making yet another GNC event run so smoothly, extremely successful and always entertaining.

GNC carries some of their product line in Rite Aid. Therefore, GNC, along with a host of other vendors were in attendance for this expo. I left with a nice bag of make-up samples...I avoided all of the candy vendors as I started my preparation for my first competition of the year: the 2008 Kansas City Pro International! Please say lots of prayers for me...

Ok, I'm going to stop writing and get back to saying some prayers for a safe landing!!! Until the next, laugh, love...and train hard!!