Tip #4: Keep tuna packets handy! Mix the tuna with some mustard, balsamic vinegar, chopped celery, peppers, and onion for a very tasty, yet simple snack. Not only are they great at home, but these packets can conveniently be thrown in your bag for a healthy meal on the go!


Tip #3: Sick of boring egg whites and oatmeal? Make pancakes instead! Blend oatmeal and egg whites with fork (use blender/food processor for smoother batter). Add some cinnamon for added flavor. Pour batter in a skillet coated with Pam cooking spray and cook over medium heat. Flip pancake once browned on the bottom, approximately 5 minutes. Once browned on both sides, remove from heat. Serve with sugar-free syrup, Splenda, or your favorite fresh fruit. Enjoy!


Tip #2: When making a protein shake using your favorite protein powder, use only enough water to turn the powder into a pudding-like consistency. Stir well. Put in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes. Eat it with a spoon and enjoy every bite!


Tip #1: Tired of eating chicken? Substitute with 99% lean ground turkey! The nutritionals are very similar and it tastes great! Form the ground turkey into patties and grill or cook in a pan on the stove. Hint: sprinkle a little garlic powder before you cook ;) Yum!!!!!